Invitation for Participation

Any stakeholders advocating for the sustainability of research software or are dependent on it are kindly invited to participate in NFDI4RSE.


The distributed preparation is currently realized through shared documents, a mail-distribution-list, a chat and telephone conferences. The up-to-date timetable currently looks like this:


Written communication is realized through the mail-distribution-list (note: this still uses the old acronym, don’t get confused). Registration is possible through:


Discussion is quicker and livelier in GWDG’s Rocketchat:

Telephone Conference

Here is how to participate:

  1. With your browser via Windows, MacOS, Linux:
  2. With a SIP/H.323-Room-System or SIP/H.323-Client: 004910097964836 (H.323) or (SIP)
  3. With a telephone (audio only): Dial 0049 30 200 97964836. Don’t be surprised if there is no announcement, this is normal in the case of a successful dial-in.
  4. Via Skype for Business:
  5. Mobile with Smartphone: requirement is the pre-installed Pexip App for Android or iOS type in